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Vice President, Sustainability and Placemaking

Orit Sarfaty

Orit leads the leadership and governance of the ESG portfolio and oversees all Marketing & Communications for Choice. Her mandate includes positioning sustainability and social impact at the forefront across all lines of business and amongst stakeholders at large.

Orit is a veteran in urban development and placemaking, with a career spanning multiple sectors. Previously, she served as the Chief Program Officer at Evergreen, where she provided oversight and direction to Evergreen Brickworks, leading their placemaking efforts on a national scale. She led high impact initiatives that encompassed smart cities, affordable housing, and projecting sustainability needs for both larger and smaller municipalities.

One of her most notable projects to date includes developing a comprehensive cultural plan for the City of Chicago, which involved extensive research into the potential for communities strengthen their cultural assets for long-term development. An instrumental part of her plan included developing pathways to bridge barriers inclusive to transportation, infrastructure, and neighbourhood investment.

Orit is passionate about designing and activating spaces as to provide a holistic experience, and aims to incorporate an ESG lens into the communities we operate in. She holds a B.A. with Honours from Harvard University and a Master in urban planning from The University of Washington.