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Grow with us

Canada's leading diversified REIT

Choice operates as an innovative and collaborative work environment that promotes creativity and strategic thinking. We want colleagues to grow with us and we are committed to providing opportunities for continuous learning and development.

We recognize Canada’s diversity as a source of national pride and strength. We have made it a priority to reflect our nation’s diversity in the people we hire, and the culture we create in our organization.

Our shared values, which guide all our decision making, best come to life through our Code of Conduct and in our dynamic company culture. By thinking about not just “what” we do but “how” we go about our work, we are able to deliver a meaningful experience to our colleagues and customers.

Why work for Choice?

Our CORE Values

Our culture is grounded by our CORE Values – Care, Ownership, Respect, and Excellence – and our three culture principles – be authentic, build trust and make connections. These have become a common thread that extends across our organization, and allows teams to examine how they work together and discover ways to improve at work and in life.

Our CORE Values


We care about our colleagues, tenants and the communities in which we operate.

Our CORE Values


We own our actions and take accountability for the results.

Our CORE Values


We treat each other with mutual trust and respect.

Our CORE Values


We strive to be best in class.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Choice Properties is committed to nurturing and advancing a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels.

We have a national footprint


Properties across Canada




Office locations

Benefits & Perks

Competitive Compensation

We pay a competitive salary and bonus.

National Pension Plan

We support your need to build financial assets for the future and to help you plan for retirement. Colleagues can receive a company match while contributing to the plan.

Group RRSP

Colleagues can take advantage of our group RRSP where they can make regular contributions to the plan before income tax is applied and elect to have their annual bonus deposited to the RRSP pre-tax.

Employee Unit Purchase Plan

Our Employee Unit Purchase Plan allows colleagues to share in the growth of Choice by enabling them to purchase units on a semi-monthly basis with a company match.

Casual Dress Code

Colleagues can enjoy casual wear every day of the week.

Tuition & Professional Dues

We believe that people are our best asset and critical to our success. We offer tuition and professional dues reimbursement so colleagues can grow and develop to their full potential.


We believe that a healthy, active lifestyle is a part of being our best selves. We offer discounted fitness memberships.

Health and Wellness Subsidy

Annual Health & Wellness Subsidy to reimburse colleagues for a variety of health and wellness related activities, memberships, subscriptions, and equipment. Our aim is for an all-inclusive program for colleagues to feel at their best.

Maternity, Parental & Adoption Leave Top-Up

We offer our colleagues a top-up benefit for maternity, parental and adoption leaves to supplement the amount that colleagues would receive from the EI program.

Open Positions

Interested in growing with us?
Check out our open positions to join the Choice team.