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Choice Cares

Choice Cares

Choice Cares is our community involvement program through which our colleagues dedicate time to volunteer and fundraise for local charitable organizations.

2022 Key Achievements


Donated to local charities


Paid hours of volunteer time


Charity partners

Our Mission

Choice Cares serves to advance social equity in the communities in which we live and work.

Bottom-Up Approach

We take a bottom-up approach to our Choice Cares program. Each year, our colleagues vote on a socio-economic issue to tackle on a national level and vote on charities to partner with on a local level. We strive to support our communities in a way that is most meaningful to our colleagues. The ways we give back are just as important as what we give back.

Championed by Colleagues

Colleagues volunteer to form a national committee of Choice Cares Champions, working together to lead philanthropic activities and taking ownership of the success of their region’s campaign. We are building a collective of empowered individuals capable of lasting positive impact.

Supported by Weston

At the end of every campaign, a portion of funds raised through Choice Cares is matched by George Weston Limited. Our combined contributions create enduring value for the communities in which we operate our businesses.

Our 2022 Charity Partners

Making Progress

At Choice, sustainability is a key part of our mission