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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Choice Properties has a longstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of our organization. We believe enduring value is created by recruiting and retaining individuals with varied experiences, talents and perspectives. Our inclusive culture fosters greater creativity, innovation and collaboration, making Choice Properties a great place to work.

Our Focus Areas

Our internal DEI programs, focused on career advancement and cultural awareness training, empower us to serve and connect better with our diverse customers and stakeholders.

Recruitment, Advancement & Conduct

We are committed to building and preserving a diverse workforce and to providing equity in advancement and compensation at all levels. We set diversity targets and develop and regulate policies to empower all of our colleagues to succeed.

It is our leadership team’s responsibility to stay informed on the challenges surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion, and to pro-actively identify and address barriers within our organization.

Education & Culture

We encourage the exchange of lived experiences amongst our colleagues in order to challenge our individual biases, acknowledge our own privilege, build empathy for one another, promote inclusion and authenticity, and foster meaningful relationships.

We advance this pillar by bringing in keynote speakers, hosting internal panel discussions, celebrating diverse events, and sharing educational material.