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Nancy H.O. Lockhart

Ms. Lockhart, a corporate director, is the former Chief Administrative Officer of Frum Development Group and a former Vice President of Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation.

Ms. Lockhart is a director of The Royal Conservatory of Music and a member of the Sotheby's Canada Advisory Board. Ms. Lockhart is also Chair Emeritus of the Crow's Theatre Company. She is a former Chair of the Ontario Science Centre, former President of the Canadian Club of Toronto and a former Chair of the Canadian Film Centre. Ms. Lockhart is also a former director of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation and the Loran Scholars Foundation. Ms. Lockhart is also a board member of Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation and George Weston Limited. Ms. Lockhart previously served on the Boards of Loblaw Companies Limited, Gluskin Sheff & Associates Inc. and Barrick Gold Corporation.

Ms. Lockhart has an Institute of Corporate Directors ICD.D certification.