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Senior Vice President, Construction

Julie Robinson

Julie is responsible for construction of all asset classes across Canada at Choice Properties.

Prior to Choice, Julie led a team at Hines that managed site plan approvals, permitting processes and construction of purpose-built high-rise rentals and a mixed-use subdivision in Toronto with mass timber office buildings. At Canderel, Julie managed the development approval, condominium registration processes and managed several landmark projects. Some notable projects include the 80-storey Aura mixed-use building, 66-storey YC Condominiums and the 51-storey, 46-storey Residences of College Park condominiums. Her experience in complex high-rise construction in Canada spans 20 years, while her in-depth knowledge of every stage of a project lifecycle is extensive. Julie holds a B. Sc. in Civil Engineering, with specialization in structures from U.W.I.