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Vice President, Development

Fernando Valenzuela

Fernando manages the execution and delivery of residential and mixed-use developments at Choice Properties.

Fernando has over two decades of experience in multi-residential and commercial development, spanning metropolitan centres across Canada and Mexico. During his tenure in Shiplake and Collecdev as the Vice President of Development, he oversaw the entire residential and mixed-use development process from inception to completion.

He has made significant contributions to the real estate industry, executing on complex high-rise residential, industrial and infrastructure development projects at various multi-national organizations such as Hines, Lendlease, and Acciona. His various roles have allowed him to hone his skills in construction project management in multiple asset classes, financial analysis, and sustainable development practices. Fernando’s commitment to sustainability has driven his efforts to create thriving, inclusive communities across North America.

Fernando holds a Master of Finance from Anahuac University and a BSc. in Civil Engineering from the University Tec de Monterrey in Mexico.