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Published on April 25, 2024

Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust Announces Election of Trustees

Toronto, ON, April 25, 2024 - Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (“Choice Properties”) (TSX: CHP.UN) announced today that all of the trustee nominees listed in the management proxy circular dated March 15, 2024, were elected as trustees of Choice Properties. The vote was conducted at Choice Properties' Annual Meeting of Unitholders, held virtually, on April 25, 2024.

The results of the vote are set out below:

Trust Units

Name of Nominee Votes For Votes Against
L. Jay Cross 220,236,971 99.60% 893,799 0.40%
Gordon A.M. Currie 211,604,376 95.69% 9,525,345 4.31%
Rael L. Diamond 220,916,876 99.90% 212,846 0.10%
Diane Kazarian 220,219,631 99.59% 911,139 0.41%
Karen Kinsley 209,035,408 94.53% 12,095,362 5.47%
R. Michael Latimer 220,590,490 99.76% 539,232 0.24%
Nancy H.O. Lockhart 220,587,997 99.76% 525,177 0.24%
Dale R. Ponder 220,175,351 99.57% 955,419 0.43%
Qi Tang 219,785,600 99.40% 1,331,074 0.60%
Cornell Wright 209,859,297 94.90% 11,270,425 5.10%

Class B Limited Partnership Special Voting Units

Name of Nominee Votes For Votes Against
L. Jay Cross 395,786,525 100% Nil Nil
Gordon A.M. Currie 395,786,525 100% Nil Nil
Rael L. Diamond 395,786,525 100% Nil Nil
Diane Kazarian 395,786,525 100% Nil Nil
Karen Kinsley 395,786,525 100% Nil Nil
R. Michael Latimer 395,786,525 100% Nil Nil
Nancy H.O. Lockhart 395,786,525 100% Nil Nil
Dale R. Ponder 395,786,525 100% Nil Nil
Qi Tang 395,786,525 100% Nil Nil
Cornell Wright 395,786,525 100% Nil Nil

About Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust

Choice Properties is a leading Real Estate Investment Trust that creates enduring value through the ownership, operation and development of high quality commercial and residential properties.

We believe that value comes from creating spaces that improve how our tenants and communities come together to live, work, and connect. We strive to understand the needs of our tenants and manage our properties to the highest standard. We aspire to develop healthy, resilient communities through our dedication to social, economic, and environmental sustainability. In everything we do, we are guided by a shared set of values grounded in Care, Ownership, Respect and Excellence.

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Chief Financial Officer
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